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Tzvi Lexier Offers Tips for Taking Photos in Winter

Tzvi Lexier offers tips for taking photos during the winter months.

The quality of the outdoor photos you take is heavily reliant on the weather. Tzvi Lexier has been taking photos his entire life. He recently offered his top tips for snapping excellent photos in the winter months.

Keep Your Gear Safe

“Winterly destinations are some of my favorites to shoot,” Lexier said. “However, they present their own set of challenges. Many of these challenges are due to the cold weather and the damage it can cause to your camera equipment.”

Tzvi Lexier explained that one of the most important parts of taking photos in winterly conditions is to ensure your camera and other gear are safe from harm. This means keeping your camera, batteries, and other accessories warm and dry.

Lexier suggested using sealable plastic bags to store your camera and gear. This is because when you enter a warm area after being in the cold, there is a chance that moisture will condense inside. An airtight seal will prevent this condensation from occurring and potentially save your camera from harm.

“Batteries drain a lot faster in the cold, so you’ll need to bring additional batteries as well as a way to keep them warm,” Lexier said. “I always keep mine in an interior pocket of my jacket, close to my body.”

Capturing Winter Images

TzviLexier also discussed several tips for taking jaw-dropping photos this time of year. His first piece of advice was to look for contrast. A snowy backdrop can place an overwhelming amount of white in your photo, but snapping a photo of a brown chalet amidst the snow-covered ground, trees, and white sky can create a beautiful contrast.

“I always overexpose when taking photos in winterly surroundings,” Lexier said. “This adds brightness and features to elements of the photos that may otherwise seem dull due to the amount of snow. Slight overexposure adds a unique winter feel that encourages the viewer to feel the cold with you.”

The photographer added that winter has a gorgeous blue hour just after sunset and before sunrise. This is the time in which the sun is just under the horizon, casting a unique blue color across winter surroundings. This uniquely soft light results in mind-blowing photos.

About Tzvi Lexier

Tzvi Lexier has been shooting photos since he was a young child. His first camera was given to him by his grandpa, and the entire family supported him in his efforts to pursue photography.

Lexier has taken winter photos in places as picturesque as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Utah’s Mighty Five national parks, and more.


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