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15 Fantastic Photography Ideas to help you Sell More Goods

Visual appeal is imperative to encourage your potential customers to buy your products.

50 milliseconds – that’s all the time that you have to capture a viewer’s attention. You cannot do it with words, you cannot do it with texts – but you can do it with a picture.

A photo is the easiest way to convey the attractiveness of a product – if done successfully,  can sell anything.

Here are 15 great ideas and tips that you can implement to give your business a gentle nudge in the right direction.

  1. Create the Right Environment

When you click a photograph of your product, it’s essential that you not only focus on how the product looks but also what’s happening around it.


The above image is a great example – it showcases a vintage car in an environment that is suitable. It makes the whole product look complete and in its natural element.

  1. Take Macro Shots

Want to keep it simple? Take macro shots – super close-up shots of your products with best lens for product photography. Here are some of our favorite examples:



  1. Sell the Background

Sometimes, macro shots aren’t the right option. Sometimes, you need to showcase your products in their natural environment.

This is where you need to focus on the background along with your product – it sparks the imagination of your customers.



  1. Freeze-Frame Photography

Nothing speaks aesthetic more than a freeze-frame shot. This idea works particularly well when it comes to food-related products.


  1. Photo Editing & Manipulation

If you want to run the extra mile, you will need to transcend the boundaries of portrait photography and take up editing.

Photo manipulation is a great way to attract a viewer’s attention through beautiful exaggeration and creativity.


Tools like Photoshop and Illustrator will aid in the process of making a photograph like this.

  1. Variations:

If you have multiple variations of the same product, you can leverage that to create an aesthetic photograph. It also manages to capture the interest of the buyers as it produces an illusion of multiple options.



  1. Use the Products

Sometimes, customers want a first-hand experience of how the product would look while they are using it. You can give them what they want through a simple picture of your product in use.


  1. Use 360-Degree Features:

The world of photography is undergoing a paradigm shift with many new excellent features. Among them, the trendiest one in the market is the 360-Degree feature which allows consumers to rotate the picture manually.


Using 360-degree photography will not only appeal to the younger market but also make them attracted to the product.

  1. Use Real People

It is a statistical fact that advertisements get a boost in their credibility if they feature real human beings. The same is the case with photography: simply put a human being next to your product to make it more appealing.


  1. Use Different Angles

Don’t stick to one style – experiment with different camera angles and layouts.


This angle suits this kind of picture perfectly.


  1. Be Minimalistic

The most attractive advertisements are the simplest ones. Darken the background, dim the lighting, and click an aesthetic shot.


  1. Use Reflection

Do you know what’s the best, low-effort way to create aesthetic images? Using a reflective surface.


  1. Humanize your Products

For some reason, consumers love seeing creative pictures where products are shown as humans.


  1. Suspended Products

Another minimalistic tactic to get your customer’s attention is to click pictures with suspended products. You can either tie your products to something solid or use editing to make them look as if they’re suspended mid-air.


  1. Use Props

Sometimes, you need to showcase some props lying around your product photography to make it look more complete.


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In this article, we went through 15 different ideas that you can implement in your product photography to drive more sales and attract different customers.

We endorsed multiple techniques going from minimalistic variations to complex techniques that require time, effort, and proper lighting.

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